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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Paris Metal France Festival V Preview 1


So today I am proud to introduce one of the great French metal festivals. Paris France Metal Fest is in its fifth edition come 2013. A festival known for hosting ONLY French bands its impressive to see the talent that this festivals organiser has been able to attract. This is probably the biggest festival IN Paris and it takes place at one of its most storied venues, La Divan du Monde. (A great venue for moshing by the way) In todays installment I plan on giving you guys a rundown of the venue and the acts that will be playing on the first night of the show. Already planned as a night of stage diving, moshing and madness I'm really psyched.

Le Divan Du Monde is an absolutely stellar venue. I have attended several shows their ranging from blues to pummeling deathcore. It is venue that can do it all and that has a lot of history in it. It was once called it "The biggest of Paris's small concert halls". I must tell you, this is possibly my favorite venue of all time. With a luxurious balcony you can still check out the show even if you don't want to be in the pit. On a good night the entire bottom floor is moshing and going crazy. Stage divers are common and add a lot of atmosphere at metal shows. During calmer moments you're still right there seeing all the action. This is a truly magnificent venue!

The bands on the first night of the show are mostly in the early death metal vein. Asides from the special guests there are going to be quite a few sick bands on this bill. 6:33 and Arno Strobl are a younger band who are exploding on the local scene. I think it will be cool to see them live! Agressive Agricultor is a classic French thrash band who should be able to get a pit started fast. Mercyless is a BRILLIANT death metal band who have only recently gotten back together. With a knew album in the work I'm guessing that they will rip my face off! No Return is one of the more well known bands on the bill. They will drop a slab of brutality onto the crowd and knock you off your feet! Finally, two classic bands who I am realy looking forward to seeing are Loudblast and Agressor, pioneers of French thrash metal! These bands are classic and will be an excellent end to the night. Their contribution to French metal has been positively enormous and seeing them should be a very memorable experience.

To conclude on this PMFF preview I want to say that I hope you're excited for a solid night of headbanging madness. This will be a memorable night for all and we'll get to see many a classic act. I sincerely hope you consider coming to this event. Their will be a great venue filled with hundreds of crazy moshers. Meanwhile the music will be loud and brutal, just how we like it! So come one and all to an event that will be talked about by metalheads in Paris and throughout Europe for years to come.

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