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Friday, November 23, 2012



Soldierfield is a heavy metal bombshell filled to the brim with wild riffs, crazy vocals and a pure rock and roll energy. With a sound that seems to combine aspects from many varieties of metal Soldierfield embodies contemporary metal. To say the least they will not leave you bored. This band features at once some nifty guitarmonies as well as some vicious thrash metal riffs. Overall it is something you can groove to. In some ways it comes across as similar to Pantera, yet the structure of the riffs is very different. Their is a strain of modern anthemic rock, and I feel like that really polishes the sound. Having a touch of the orchestral Muse magic makes this band a lot more accessible and also very fun. A great example of this approach is on their song Skyflower which explores this idea to the fullest extent. Overall this is a fun and wild band that takes some great elements from contemporary metal and then blows you away. Go check them out!

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