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Monday, December 31, 2012

Carbid!-Breaking Walls

Carbid Rocks

Carbid! is rock and roll done right. Their new album-Breaking Walls is heavy metal done in the grand old style filled with lots of fun riffs and punchy rhythms. Fantasy oriented lyrics take you away to a whole new world filled with dragons and kings, diamonds and rings. This is heavy metal for the trve old school metaller. A revival band bringing back the magic of the NWOBHM years Carbid! should appeal to lovers of Iron Maiden and Manowar. Carbids classic sound can not be matched and you WILL headbang.

The guitar work on this album has a lot of really solid riffs and classic melodies. The guitar melodies are a definite nod to Iron Maiden. The solos scream of Randy Rhoads and have a certain fire to them that is rarely matched in the modern scene. The bass work is very solid and uses a lot of thudding powerful lines that help to fill out the bottom line. It gives the music a certain intensity that brings the band to the next level. Meanwhile the drumming is very much in the rock style with a simple attack and some very tasty fills. Finally, the vocals have a ferocity usually only reserved for the lords of heavy metal like Dio and Ozzy. I particularly like the zest shown on songs like "Pirates!".

To wrap this one up, Carbids debut album is something every classic metaller will love. Rounded off by some classic covers this is a band that knows how to rock and keeps the spirit of NWOBHM alive, beating with its pulse on every song. With all of the magic and bombast of Iron Maiden this is a band for the everyman. The heavy fantasy influence gives the music a whole new aura and the riffs are rock solid. With choruses you can sing along to this is an album that any fan of NWOBHM needs to check out!

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