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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fake Asian Rolex

74K34514NR013X EP cover art

Fake Asian Rolex is a true grindcore band. Their new ep 74K34514NR013X EP is a solid grind record in the grand style of Napalm Death and ENT. The longest song on this record clocks in at 2:33 and most of the songs well under 1:30. Their are a lot of cool noise elements mixed into the traditional grind sound. I really like how they fit with the music and make the entire thing a bit more interesting than your standard grind record. This bands unrelenting attack is only abated by ridiculously noisy pauses that show that grind DOES indeed have somewhere to go. Fake Asian Rolex may very well have found a logical extension on what grind can be. Their song Pew Pew! I'm a Laser Gun is epic in its concept yet only 2:33. This is a band that can do more in a few seconds than most do on entire albums and I think they found a potential future for grind. You need to check this band out if you're at all interested in the genre, they will blow you away.

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