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Friday, December 28, 2012


Nine Waves From The Shore cover art 

Celtachor is an epic symphonic black metal band who use a lot of folk elements in their music. Very much in the vein of bands like Agalloch and even some Ensiferum this is headbanging black metal with a lot of the darkness that makes the genre so interesting. I really like the idea of having a fairly moshable black metal sound, it reminds me a bit of Canadian black metal giants Eclipse Eternal. Powerful enough to appeal to even a skinhead Celtachor is a beautiful balance of dark and light, it shows the power of black metal. The lyrics communicate stories about Irish mythology and the music really helps to punctuate that. As a quick note, the production is absolutely stellar and allows the band to really shine. In conclusion, this is a black metal record that should appeal to many a metalhead and will get your headbanging while presenting interesting lyrical concepts. Go check them out!

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