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Friday, December 7, 2012


Headhunters is a bizarre hardcore band that combines a plethora of sounds to create a very dark and bizarre brand of hardcore that kind of defies words. There is a strange mix of growls and cleans in their music. They often alternate lines and this somehow increases the bands ferocity. The riffs are crushing slabs of brutality stuck in between slices of acoustic magic. The bass is really heavy and has a certain hardcore punk aggression to it. It thuds sloppily throughout the pieces and adds a lot of flavor. I must say though that these musicians are pretty stellar, given the song structures and rhythms this must be some hard stuff to pull off. Overall, this band is one that kind of defies description, their music is very 'out there' yet it incorporates elements of more accessible and understood metal. So if you want something a little unique and bizarre to check out this weekend go take a listen to Headhunters, they will interest you to say the least.

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