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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Your Band is a Virus Expanded Edition

So independent band marketing guru James Moore has finally released the expanded edition of his landmark book Your Band is a Virus. Few people get the music industry like he does. With advice for all sorts of bands this book is critical for 3 reasons. The first is that it gives more suggestions than any one musician can handle. The next is that it's filled to the brim with links that will help you to promote your band. The final reason is that this is the “Expanded Edition” of the book, it features so much more stuff than the original and its worth buying even if you own the original. So go check out Your Band is a Virus Expanded Edition today! The combination of useful suggestions, links, and raw size will blow you away.

This book cuts the crap that seems to dominate a lot of texts dedicated to helping unsigned musicians. Instead there are just piles and piles of suggestions. I really like how he divvies up the book into relevant sections that are a lot more accessible. The overall outline is very clear too and follows a logical progression from just starting out to making a living with your independent band. And there are just so many good ideas here that it would take multiple lifetimes to implement them all. Moore has a very solid understanding as to how the industry works and he shares years of hard earned wisdom in his book. I'd also like to quickly point out that the quality of writing is very high and easy to understand, even for non-native english speakers. He does a good job in making it accessible in that way. Finally I want to say that his advice works for all sorts of bands from Swedish Death Metal to indie pop. He points that out himself, but I think that that point can not be emphasized enough, this is truly a book for everyone.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of relevant links in this book. They will guide you in everything from having a good place to upload your bands music to getting a high page rank. In fact, there is probably dozens of times more extra content in the links provided than in the book itself. This means that even when you finish reading the actual text you still have more to check out! The cumulative effect of all this is just the impression that James Moore has really done his research and will help you learn more than you ever would need to know. That is part of the magic of this book, it teaches you the basics, then the peripherals, and then some and the links are a major part of that.

Finally we have the simple fact that this is the expanded edition. With a few bonus chapters and lots of extended versions of chapters from the original it is more than worth it to purchase this book, even if you do have the original. The bonus content really should help you to take your band to the next level. Some of the bonus chapters are also nice peripherals that give you interesting ideas not so much related to promoting your band as much as the philosophy of being in an unsigned band. I think that on many levels this is still pertinent. Also, the added industry interviews are really cool, they help legitimatize this book and prove how much research James did going in.

In conclusion, this is a must have for any independent musician. With years of industry knowledge going into it James has really made something worth basing your band around. He understands unsigned music and is ready to help any and all such bands survive. His guide is comprehensive and applies to musicians from all genres, from hardcore to jazz. The links he provides are also a crucial part as they give you a lot of extra reading material. Lastly, the extended bits of this expanded edition are brilliant and allow the book to go to a whole new level. James has seemingly put an inhuman amount of work into getting this edition done, but it is a brilliant piece of work that shows a true understanding of both good writing and how to navigate the industry. So, independent musicians, go buy this book! Just click on the ad on my blogs sidebar!

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