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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Onoma is a nifty alternative metal/djent band with powerful riffs and interesting rhythms that are all punctuated by some really stellar lyrics. The guitar sound on their latest release All Things Change is vibrant and powerful. I find it to be filled with a great energy that really gets heads banging and mosh pits going. In the meantime the songwriting is absolutely stellar. I think that the structures of a lot of the pieces are very interesting and really push the djent envelope. The rolling riffs seem to provide a platform for your whole body to move too. The lyrics blow my mind, I love the lines "We're poisoning our brains with knowledge" and "Wouldn't it be great if we don't think" I think their is a lot of stuff to get into here. Overall this is a pretty cool band that is rather different from genre leaders like Periphery and Veil of Maya. Instead they give their own take on the genre and are something I definitely will be coming back to!

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