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Thursday, December 27, 2012

My top 10 albums of 2012

  So its that time of year, when we bloggers write all sorts of lists reflecting on what we think are the best releases of the past 365 days. 2012 has been a good year for metal and a lot of interesting stuff has been put out. It's been a challenge but I think I have been able to whittle down all of the great albums from 2012 down into my ten favorites. Now I've probably forgotten something and I may just end up adding it later. But here is my list as is, I hope you guys check it out!

Now, I know this is technically just an EP, but its longer than a lot of thrash and grind 'LP's I could name so I figure it belongs on this list. And anyway, Teratogenesis is just SO GOOD. This EP showed that the band could still succeed after the loss of their founding bassist (who I interviewed a while back) And best of all, its a FREE download from Scion A/V. You need to go check it out!

9.Pallbearer-Sorrow and Extinction
This record is a critic favorite in 2012 and its easy to see why. The epic and powerful sounds that Pallbearer encapsulate on their debut album suggest that this band is going to go far. This is a record that I keep coming back too and will never get bored of. It shows a future for metal now that djent is nearing its end. This is a record that will appeal to many a black metaller, doom metaller, and even just classic metal fans.

8.Pig Destroyer-Book Burner
One of the most anticipated albums of 2012 Pig Destroyer did not fail to deliver. Chock to the brim with memorable riffs and brilliant lyrics this is a grindcore album for the ages. Even if many say that grind is nearing its end Pig Destroyer seem to be the torch carrying the genre forward. I'd also just like to say that this is easily one of my favorite drum performances of the year. Mr. Jarvis does not fail to make this album rhythmically brilliant.

7.Veil of Maya-[id]
For me this is one of the greatest tech-death (And djent) albums of all time. At once technical and moshworthy Veil of Mayas new release is a testament to just how good djent can be. With none of Periphery's silly mainstream metal antics and a bit easier to digest than Meshuggah this is an album that will appeal to many a metalhead. Perfectly executed, punctuated by breakdowns and heavy to the core you NEED to check this record out.

6. Bloodmoon-Orenda
The only unsigned band who made this list Bloodmoon is one of the great hopes for the future of black metal. Their debut album shows a lot of promise, but also a lot of room to grow. Now that they have a bigger budget and a ton of new equipment the shortcomings on this record should be more than made up for in the future. With some truly fantastic lyrics I can not wait to hear the sequel due in 2013!

5. Gypsyhawk-Revelry and Reselience
Pretty much the only “rock” record on my list this album is here for a reason. Filled with the magic of Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest Gypsyhawks brand of gritty and solid hard rock should appeal to just about everyone who is at all interested in heavy music. With touches of death metal influenced classic rock and a ton of guitarmonies this is a very fun album with cool (read: nerdy) lyrics that show a band ready to explode. Buy their album, I desperately need them to come to Europe!

4. Ensiferum-Unsung Heroes
This was my second most anticipated album of the year. While maybe not as good as some previous records (then again Victory Songs is pretty much the best folk metal record of all time) this is still a brilliant achievement for a band so far into their career. Trve vikings to the core Ensiferum has not let go of any of the swords and sorcery magic that made the band so good in the first place. Anyone at all into folk metal should dig this record.

3.Wintersun-Time I
Now THIS is the album I had been waiting years for. Any of my top 3 could very easily be number one, and I probably rated this record a bit lower because in my mind this was just going to be the perfect album. As is, it's not too far off. With the release of Time II coming relatively soon (by Wintersun's standards at least) This is an extremely promising first part. Any and every metalhead should but this record, its symphonic and beautiful yet also brutal and fantastical.

2.Wood of Ypres-Grey Skies and Electric Light
This album came to me from an article I read on Metal Injection back in June. I was completely blown out of the water by this record. With its epic stylings and beautiful songwriting I don't understand how people could not like this album. My favorite aspect of this album is probably the combination of cleans and growls. Other than that, all I have to say is RIP David, you changed lives with your music.

1. Alcest-Les Voyages du L'ame
Before this record came out I was only vaguely familiar with Alcest. Back in January a friend got me to check it out so I did, I didn't think much of it. A few months later while planning a trip to Italy I gave it another spin. I don't think I've ever listened to an album as much in a one week period as I I did in that week in Italy. Since then I have fallen deeply in love with this band and Neige's songwriting. The weird thing is that this is barely even a metal record. More like shoegaze with black metal influences (basically blackgaze) this album takes a few spins to get into, but then you just fall in love with it. This above all the other albums on this list should be checked out by just about everybody!

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