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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Venus Blue

Venus Blue is a noisy stoners' rock and roll explosion. This music is wild and furious taking influences from noise punk and stoner rock. Bluesy riffs and doom metal. This is a band for people who love both Muddy Waters and Sleep. The "unapologetic" rock and roll attitude of this band should melt your face off and then give you time to put it back together again in between sludgy riffs. I love how this band is really just a logical progression on the music of Blue Cheer. The songs are heavy and feature crushing riffs that you have to move your body to. Venus Blue is one of the greatest bands that I have reviewed this year, simply because they remember what rock and roll is and know how to do it in the grand old style. So go check out Venus Blue and let their "Electric Space Blues" melt your face!

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