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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to go to Paris Metal France Festival

So some of you might remember my previews of the upcoming Paris France Metal Festival. And I must say I am very excited to be going. So I compiled a list of top 5 reasons to go!

5. Divan du Monde has KILLER sound
This venue has some of the sickest acoustics that I have ever heard. Every time I have attended an event there the quality of the sound blew me away! Given the variety of bands and styles its good that we have a venue that can accomodate them all.

 4. The pit will be CRAAAZY.
Divan du Monde is my personal favorite venue to have circle pits in because, given the shape of the bottom floor you will constantly be crashing off the walls and into other moshers. Also, given the bands performing Friday night I think that everyone in the pit will get to stage dive multiple times!

3.   The price
 Asides from the guests there will be more than 20 bands on the bill. That comes out to less than 4 euros per band if you buy the three day pass! Given that to normally see one of these bands it might cost upwards of 20 euros you're getting a major deal!

2.You can see the progenitors of French metal.
 While some of you might not know all of the bands on the bill (I sure didn't) if you do a little you will be amazed to find out that these guys broke onto the scene at the same time that the gods of glam and thrash were doing their thing in LA. In many ways they are just as innovative aas the guys from LA.

1. Its a multi-day event
The best part of PMFF is that its a multi day event. So even if you don't like the bands on the bill one night you can surely fund some good stuff on another. And given the cheap price and crazy pit it will definitely be worth it. So go to PMFF french metallers! GO AND MOSH!  

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