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Friday, January 4, 2013

Draaka Rouge

Draaka Rouge

Draaka Rouge is a very cool shred act from Vancouver. Fronted by a modern virtuoso this is music for all who like it dark and technical. Despite the raw speed this album still remains somewhat accessible to the masses. The overall sound is not too intimidating or introverted, I could see this record gaining some pretty great success. Draaka, the guitarist is a modern day Jason Becker. His solos are technical yet they do not get as boring as Malmsteens. Instead their is definite progression here and a heavy baroque influence. The production is stellar, I really like the mix of the keys. It helps to make the music really flow. The overall compositions show a lot of classical knowledge. Draaka clearly has had a lot of training. His songwriting is really fantastic, it shows the mans true skill. Shred that every metalhead should love I highly recommend you go check this album out!

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