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Friday, January 4, 2013

Scarlet Anger-Dark Reign

Scarlet Anger is a heavy thrash band that truly understand the genre. Their music is brutal and evil and filled with the manic energy that makes classic acts like Slayer so good. With vicious guitar riffs you are drawn into their sound. The punchy bass lines and explosive drumming helps to keep the thrash metal level of anger up. Lastly, the vocals are harsh and have the raw hatred that is required to make solid tracks in this genre. This is a thrash metal band that any metalhead should love and I could see them starting mosh pits within seconds.

The guitar work on this record is fabulous. The raw riffage is beautiful. Their are also more than a few sweet solos. They add a nice level of melody to otherwise very brutal music. The bass work is heavy and features a lot of really nice riffs. I particularly like the aggression it gives a lot of the rhythms. The song My Battlefield shows some really great bass work on the intro. Meanwhile the drumming is manic and filled with a wild rock and roll energy. It really gets a chance to shine and the hectic style of play is something every thrash metaller will love. Finally, the shrieked vocals are reminiscent of Exodus. They have the same inherent anger and power, its very nicely done.

In conclusion, Scarlet Angers new release, Dark Reign is a testament to how great thrash metal can be and shows a band that could very well get huge. With the speed of Slayer, the incredible songwriting of Testament and tons of energy this is a high powered thrash metal band for every metalhead to mosh too. You must go check this record out! It proves that thrash still has a lot of life left in it!

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