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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Cataclysmic Origin cover art

Dystopian is a very cool band who are very much in the vein of Death's later work. It seems to incoroporate some proggier and technical elements too reminiscient of Atheist and Opeth. I really like the bass work in this bands music. The bass lines add a lot of melody and help make these guys seem unique. I also really appreciate the lyrics. They are very much in the vein of Death and couplets like "You're the one who makes your life measurable" show the true nature of the band. They discuss the nature of reality and our state of being. In brief, this Huntington Beach quartet is a band that makes a logical extension on Death's music by bringing in many other elements to create a rounded and distinct sound. Very much capable of becoming gods in their own right I am very much looking forward to the next release of Dystopian!

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