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Friday, February 1, 2013


NERVES cover art

Nerves is a pretty cool experimental hardcore band from Minneapolis. Their sound is heavy and deranged, something that many will not be able to connect with, yet the chosen few, the trve, the hardest of the hardcore will love it. This band is filled with a beautiful nervous energy (fitting considering their name) that seems to permeate the sound and allow for some intense music that trascends reality. With lyrics like With blood soaked eyes,/You sleep your way /Down this river of black rocks /Covered thick in memory-moss one gets the experimental side of the band in writing. The vocals combine harsh screamed punk singing with more accurate and beautiful cleans that provide a nice choral aspect to songs like "Spilling Fingernails and Bloodsap". I really like the progressive nature of a lot of the pieces,with acoustic parts that nicely temper the hardcore punk side of the music. In conclusion Nerves is a band fans of experimental and hardcore punk will want to check out.

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