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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Feuerzeug-Dead Wahines and Tsunamis

While many might say that death metal is the most energetic music on the market one would be hard pressed to deny the magic in the energy of a wild and explosive rock and roll band. Feuerzeug has that energy. They are a rock band that understand what it is to rock. With simple riffs and shrieked vocals Feuerzeug explodes from the gate with a fun loving attack that does not let up. This is a band who know how to make rock in the grand old style yet with a modern twist. Fans of both modern and classic rock will rejoice with the power and might of Feuerzeugs music.

The guitar attack on this record is worthy of AC/DC. The simplistic riffs and straightforward songwriting shows a passion for rock as it was meant to be, fun. It has the fiery strength of Thin Lizzy and the maturity of Led Zeppelin. With both shorter rockers and longer more proggy pieces there are clearly two sides of this band. At once with a heavy metal rage and a folky self-reflection there is a bit of something for everyone on this record. Feuerzeug is a band that both the young and the old, the critic and the fan will love because they truly have something for everyone.

In conclusion, this is a rock album for the ages. One that will be adored by nearly every fan of the genre Feuerzeug 'gets' rock. They know how to make fun and electric music that has a certain mass appeal that is very hard to achieve in the modern scene. The heavy stoner influence adds a certain crushing power to the songs too and shows off the more party-heavy side of the bands sound. A band that I would sign if I had a label I have to say that I can not wait for their new release.

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