Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, January 26, 2013


The Misanthrope EP cover art

Misanthrope is a djenty thrash metal band whose music distinctly reminds me of the first Meshuggah album. Their sound has a lot of raw energy yet is also very technical. Groovy to a fault Misanthrope will force your head to move with the infinite riffage in store for you here. Fully instrumental, I do feel that the  bands sound would be complimented by having vocals on occasion even if as a whole this is a very solid record. I'm very impressed by the songwriting in and of itself. The structures are interesting and, while some parts could do with a singer, the riffs are surprisingly fresh. I had thought that djent was almost all played out, yet Misanthrope has given me some hope. Instrumental thrash-djent is not something you come upon often yet Misanthrope manages to do it and it is awesome. Riffs to move your body too and beats to bang your head along with Misanthrope is for the true djenter and could very well get their own niche in the scene. Check them out!


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