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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Intractable -Inner Decay

Fans of headbangingly good thrash metal rejoice, Intractable has released a stellar record that will get you moshing. The riffs are very crunchy and filled with a vicious death metal quality that makes them instantly memorable. The bass work is extremely solid and features some really cool lines that spice up the bottom end. The drumming is ferocious with lots of thrashing fills and heavy blast beats. Finally the growls have a beautiful aggression to them that dominates the music and gives it an atmosphere of evil that you will not soon forget.

The guitar work on this record is explosive and features a ton of punchy riffs. While not super-technical they are very tasty and have a bit of a Pantera type groove metal feel to them at times. The bass work is fast and features a ton of nice little licks that add a lot of flavor to the songs. On some of the slower bits the bass's thudding power really pushes through the mix and shows off this guys true talent. The drumming is very fiery, and the blast beat intro on No Tomorrow is a stellar example of the explosive magic that flows throughout this record. The hectic energy and manic beating on the snare and toms adds to the raw anger of the music and brings things to a new level. Then we have the vocals, filled with a Chuck Billy type anger they burn through the music and brew up a blackened aura around the songs. The lyrics are often very violent yet still interesting, song titles like Enslavement and Scream for Me give a good idea of what the album is all about.

To wrap up this is a very solid thrash metal release that all fans of the genre will enjoy. A nice mix of old and new and almost SkeletonWitch like at times this is a band thrash fans will adore. Other metalheads should still appreciate this record for its energy and the power of the riffs. The musicians are pretty awesome too and the solos are fabulous and fun. Even as I sit here at home on my bed, my entire body is moving to these groovy thrash metal riffs. Definitely sick mosh pit music I get the feeling that we will be hearing about these guys for a long time to come!


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