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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Left to the Wolves-War Upon the Modern Age

War Upon The Modern Age cover art

Left to the Wolves is one of my favorite up and coming modern death metal/deathcore bands. Their sound is high powered and seems to have all of the trve spirit of pvre death metal while simultaneously being streamlined and crisp enough that it can appeal to the Br00t4l kids. Yet this is definitely a serious death metal band that dedicated fans should adore, somewhere between Job For a Cowboy and Suicide Silence their new EP, War Upon the Modern Age shows just how destructive this band is.

War Upon the Modern Age is tightly polished deathcore, that is not formulaic, and in fact brings in a host of interesting influences. I particularly like the abundance of shredding on this record, it reminds me a lot of the latest works from my friends in All Shall Perish. The rhythms are also fairly groovy and provide something that you can move your body too, even at home. Left to the Wolves seem to find a nice balance between mosh pit music and more technically interesting parts, few deathcore bands manage to do that, often going to one extreme or another, Left to the Wolves is one of a select few.

In conclusion, this is a really cool EP that I think a lot of metalheads will adore. At once able to appeal to core kids and jaded metalheads Left to the Wolves is one of those bands that shows the true magic and might of what deathcore really can be. They are one of the few deathcore bands out their who understand how to write that songs that combine hardcore and death metal in a way that stay interesting and unique. War Upon The Modern Age could conceivably become a genre classic, and if their next release is as good as this one, this band could seriously be going places!

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  1. I just could not get into it.

  2. @ the first dude
    what stopped you from getting into it? or did just the general tone turn you off?