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Friday, February 22, 2013

Believe in Dreams, Hot School, Our Theory, This Deafening Whisper, Fallaster Concert


So tonight I strayed somewhere I usually would never go, a post hardcore show. La Boule Noire saw me distinctly out of my element as I went to see This Deafening Whisper, one of my favorite local bands. A solid venue asides from a lack of stagediving La Boule Noire proved to be an excellent place to be introduced to a genre that I so regularly spurn as "boring" and "poserish". I'd also like to point out that La Boule Noire's backstage area is fabulous with separate rooms and even a buffet! 4 good bands and one EXCELLENT one came together to create a fun event despite the karate chop moshers.

The first act of the night was Believe in Dreams. Despite quite a few technical issues I very much enjoyed their set which was unfortunately cut short due to guitar problems. As is they proved themselves to be fairly solid live, performing well without a bassist and showing off a lot of tasty technical lines.  They had a decent stage presence too, and clearly could have really gotten the crowd moving if they had more time. Short but sweet Believe in Dreams was a nice start to the evening.

The next act was Hot School, I almost got up and left when I saw one of the members had an Asking Alexandria shirt. Yet I decided to persevere because I was trying to be open minded and got free dinner. Suffice to say, this band saw the start of my introduction to karate chop moshing which, while not my cup of tea is valid in its own right. As for the band themselves they were very tight with lots of tasty riffs and a few good breakdowns. My only qualm was that the vocalists voice started to crack halfway through the set. Still it was overall a solid performance that was very much worth seeing.

Our Theory played a tight 45 minute set. Their music is often layered and makes full use of multiple vocalists. Very much in the metalcore vein I saw a lot of their fans at the show. Even though they weren't really my cup of tea I definitely appreciated their musicianship and the reaction they got from the crowd. I think the interaction of vocalists was really well done, yet the general clean vocal style was kind of meh for me. All in all though they were a strong live band who were interesting to see in a live context.

Next up was This Deafening Whisper, the band I had come for. They truly delivered live, accomplishing all I had hoped for and more. With a sick wall of death three songs in that set the tone for the set (and earned me a karate chop to the neck) they blew up the house, the highlight of my night. I'm very excited to see them in the near future. Their stage moves are tight and execution tighter. This a band I'd strongly recommend that any fan of djent, death metal, or deathcore go see live as soon as possible. They really know how to put on a show and get heads banging.

Fallaster was the last band of the night and while they had trouble matching the sheer dominance of This Deafening Whisper their music was still interesting to listen to. I liked the rock and prog elements in their sound that allowed them to have their own brand of metalcore. They provided a nice end to the night even if they didn't have as many karate choppers. They were still fun to see and were a great 'good night' band.

In conclusion, while I might normally not go to this kind of show I very much enjoyed having the opportunity to go and discover a subgenre of metal I'm not really involved in. All 5 bands were able to acquit themselves well even if not all of them were my cup of tea. This Deafening Whisper was the definite highlight of the night but I also really enjoyed Fallaster and Hot School. All in all a good night I look forward to seeing at least a few of these bands in the near future!

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