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Friday, February 22, 2013

Insanity Alert-Second Opinion


Your new favorite thrash band has just released a new EP entitle Second Opinion dedicated to metal, moshing and general madness Insanity Alert has just put out another 9 minutes of music for all metalheads to headbang to and enjoy. Featuring delicious tracks like Slimers Revenge and Twist-off Betrayal Insanity Alert has no time for a sophomore slump. Evolved from their last release and twice as go for the throat Second Opinion is a slab of true heavy metal that all fans of the genre will love.

Since their previous effort Insanity Alerts music has become even more concise, approaching even grindcore levels. The longest track on this EP, the epic March of the Mentally Ill is just over 2 minutes long. This means that the band continues pushing forward no matter what with tons of heavy riffs and tasty solos. Nothing to complicated but filled with a raw energy and unmatchable passion Second Opinion has more flavor and mania to it than most thrash releases in recent memory.

In sum, this is a violent thrash record that hearkens back to the good old days of 80s crossover thrash. Fans of Municipal Waste will have an unbridled passion for this band and other fans of thrash will simply bang their heads and mosh. For now the only thing we fans can hope for is that Insanity Alert hurry up with a debut album and do a full European tour. For the sake of metalheads everywhere I pray to Dio that these modern crossover thrash masters never die!

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