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Saturday, February 23, 2013


aXiom cover art

The danish metal scene has long been one of my favorites. With tons of great bands and stellar musicians it never fails to impress me. One of the greatest bands on this scene is probably Boil, a prog metal act in the vein of Opeth. Since 2004 these guys have been churning out award winning music that is fairly well known within Denmark. Their new album aXiom is a powerful prog opus that shows a group of talented musicians playing at the top of their game for an end product that is tasty and technical, something that all fans of prog should love.

The compositions on this album rarely delve over 5 minutes in length yet the magic of them is in their structures. They come across as much longer than they actually are, so even if the album clocks in around a (relatively) paltry 49 minutes the epic nature of the songs leads you to believe it is much more. I think a big part of this is the intricate interplay between clean vocals and growls and the effects used to accentuate them. Its a highlight of the album for me at least. These exquisite prog masterpieces lull the listener into a sort of prog nirvana that is hard to escape. Suffice to say aXiom is worth quite a few spins. Their is just so much to digest here that I can't do it justice in just a few paragraphs.

Something for Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, and Opeth fans to adore Boil have proved themselves to be progressive metal masters with aXiom it leaves me begging for more not just from Boil but from their scene in general. Beautiful arrangements that have a distinctly powerful tone dominate this record and allow it to become something greater. It becomes a transcendent and majestic masterwork that you have to respect. With tons of tasty licks from a group of extremely talented players aXiom simply does not get old. A band who I will definitely be following closely in the future Boils aXiom is probably my favorite prog release of 2013 thus far.

Check them out on Bandcamp and buy their album!

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