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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Founded in 2006 and with a new album, Disclosing, Fallaster is a very promising post hardcore band who I am looking forward to seeing Friday night. Their music is finely crafted and features a lot of tight riffs and epic soundscapes that culminate in a powerful final product that can appeal to the masses and still have the trve's heads banging. I really like the vocals, they have a dreamy ethereal quality to them that seems to capture the essence of the music. It helps to create a powerful aura around the band that goes on to define their image. The songwriting is very tight, it really shines on songs like What we Are Here For (which has 163k plays!) While not extremely brutal there is somethign distinctly appealing about their music. Polished powerful and flaunting some top quality song writing Fallaster is a lot of fun to listen to and seeing them Friday night should be a blast.

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