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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Barbarian Koala-Coming Down With a Crash

Formed in 2009 Barbarian Koala offer up a tasty brand of "Eucalyptus oil flavored Mathcore" With tons of mathcore-tastic riffs and solid hardcore style breakdowns Barbarian Koala's vicious approach to mathcore is delicious and it makes Coming Down With a Crash one of my favorite mathcore releases in a while. 6 solid tracks come together to form a unified and powerful whole that is hard to forget. A solid slab of mathcore Coming Down with a Crash is an interesting and unique effort from one of France's great prog metal hopes.

The riffs on this album make full use of varying time signatures and tempos to develop the pieces and craft them into majestic chunks of trve mathcore. I really love the bass work on this album. In particular the song Koala Fury shows off a lot of technical chops while simultaneously filling out the bottom end. The drumming is disjointed and often comes across with explosive fills that help to bring the music to a whole new level. Meanwhile the vocals are very much in the classic hardcore style with lots of the rage that helps to make the genre appealing and easy to connect with.

To wrap up, Coming Down with a Crash is a mighty mathcore release that successfully adds in quite a few tasty hardcore elements to a mathcore backbone for an ultimate product that is filled with a raw aggression that is ripe to explode. Solid production further allows the band to shine on their debut studio release. Barbarian Koala have managed to sweep me off my feet and take me to a whole new level of adulation for the genre. For any fans of mathcore or djent Coming Down with a Crash will be a lot of fun to listen too and headbang with.

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