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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grey Skies Fallen

Introspective cover art

Grey Skies Fallen is a nifty metal band who combine symphonic, black and NWOBHM ideas for an overall sound that is crushing and grim. Their new record Introspective is a stellar slab of unadulterated heavy metal. While the overall atmosphere is one of black metal, there are tons of progressive elements such as those found in the 21 minute long Instrospective. I really like the piano parts on this record too, they add a bit of Dimmu Borgir's epic magic. Meanwhile the guitar riffs occasionally take on a note of NWOBHM bombast and there are some clean vocals that add a lot of flavor too. Lyrically this album is very tight, the track When Promise Lies features some really great ones with passages like "Hear the cries of the fallen /Always keep them with you /Don't mingle with the sullen /Or you'll be one of them" this is just a small example of the stellar lyrics found throughout. In conclusion, Grey Skies Fallen is a very powerful band whose excellent songwriting and combination of styles will intrigue you and keep you listening long after the first spin!

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