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Monday, February 11, 2013

Ravenous-We Are Become Death

Ravenous is a thrash metal band whose new release We Are Become Death is the debut album from Coffee Jingle Records (I sincerely hope thats a Metalocalypse reference). The album is a monumental slab of destructive thrash metal where heavy riffs instill maximum headbanging upon the listeners. Something to mosh too and crack skulls with We Are Become Death is quite the record. With tons of groovy riffs and crossover thrash inspired arrangements Ravenous prove themselves to be capable musicians with a true understanding of how to make pvre thrash metal.

The riffs on this album could be described as a thrashier Pantera. They have all of Dimebags' flavor with Megadeths' raw aggression and technicality. Oftentimes moody and bombastic, they are the basis of the bands sound. Meanwhile, soaring solos add flavor to some of the more progressive tracks. The rhythm section is very tight and the heavy bass powered intro on Reverse (Sympathy) is a highlight for me. Despite the average song length being around 6 minutes the tracks remain surprisingly fresh and manage to keep the headbanging energy up. The vocals on this record are pretty vicious yet not growls. They remind me of early Metallica and Megadeth.

In conclusion, if all of Coffee Jingle Records releases are this good then they might very soon become my favorite label. We Are Become Death is well produced and well executed. Capable of executing longer songs while keeping them energetic Ravenous could be onto something grand. An album for thrashers and the average metalhead alike this record has a fairly universal appeal, I could even see some of the Metallica kids jamming to Ravenous's music. A strong release from a band seemingly destined to be huge I sincerely hope that Coffee Jingle Records manages to continue releasing albums as excellent as this one!

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