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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Jungle Gypsy

Jungle Gypsy is a fun jam-tastic alt rock band from Long Island. Their music is tasty, explosive and filled with a sort of Grateful Dead like energy. Their music has an upbeat magic to it that gives off a definite 60s vibe. While their music is mostly in demo form right now their seems to be a lot of potential to be had. Their is also a taste of Thin Lizzy that reveals itself in the hidden grit of the band. This is readily apparent in songs like Rabbit Hole which features a tasty solo. Yet I never really know what to expect from this band, while most of their music is very much in the classic rock vein they also have a reggae song. This goes to show the versatility of the musicians, it leaves the listener guessing and eager to hear more. In short, this band has an earthy magic to them that is hard to ignore, it demands to be recognized and shines out of the music and turns into a beautiful kaleidoscopic mix of styles.

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