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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Trepalium have long been among my favorite french tech death exports. Now on their 4th release it is high time that Trepalium get the attention that they deserve. Their distinctly jazzy sound goes far beyond what djent is capable of. That's why I was thrilled to hang out with them a bit and see them perform at Enorme TVs studio Tuesday. With a very groovy sound that is replete with jazz breaks Trepalium music is hard to forget and their newest release H.N.P shows just how good Trepalium can be. A dominating effort with some fabulous solos and song structures H.N.P shows a group of jazz masters getting brutal and creating a innovative and exciting slab of death metal.

The groove that is omnipresent on this album is beautiful. It gives the album a wonderful forward motion and songs like (A) I Was (S) have a definite Pantera feel to them. I really like the use of the bass it helps to increase the earthiness of the music and even provide a bit of a hardcore quality. Meanwhile the jazz breaks are unexpected and delicious. They give the music a set of twists and turns that keep it interesting and vibrant. The dynamics communicated by the complex and intricate song structures are simply delicious. The technical efforts that must have gone into making this album are impressive to contemplate and really communicate the raw passion of the musicians. Finally, the growls are filled with a destructive anger that helps to keep the music heavy and grim.

To finish, H.N.P is hopefully the album that rockets Trepalium to well deserved death metal stardom. Their music is well structured and intelligent and the jazz elements are simply majestic. From a rhythmic perspective this album is a masterpiece with tons of disjointed guitar attacks that are filled with a groove that transcends the music of the djent masters. Songs like Insane Architect and The Worst F(r)iend reveal the spirit of the band. Technical, tight and trembling with a magical anger H.N.P will draw you in and force you to drink from their chalice of pure groovy death metal.

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