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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mechanical God Creation-Artifact of Annihilation

Its rare to find a modern tech death band with flair. Most bands on the scene seek to imitate Revocations' raw technicality and let the passion fall by the wayside. Instead of slabs of superheavy and fun death metal we just have boring chunks of jazzified metal. Mechanical God Creation is one of those rare bands that play with passion and technicality creating a potent combination that threatens to take the death metal world by storm. In the good old Obscura-style of technical death metal Mechanical God Creation does not bother with the world of djent, instead they are dedicated in bringing raw death metal to your eager eardrums. 

The songwriting is a key aspect of the music here. While the solos are technical and the rhythms rather challenging, the main aspect of the songs is that they are dynamic and seem to flow together nicely. In addition, the riffs leave an impression on the listener something that you don't often find in modern tech death. One of my favorite aspects of Artifacts of Annihilation is the manic riffing that seems to capture the sheer energy of bands like Slayer and Revocation.Meanwhile the rhythm section has a certain manic death metal energy that is a great icing on the unholy cake. With this in mind Artifact of Annihilation seems ready to take its rightful place in the death metal pantheon.

In conclusion Artifact of Annihilation is an extremely solid techdeath album that will be enjoyed by many a technical death metal fan after they've finished listening to Teratogenesis for the umpteenth time. Yet these guys are more than just Revocation clones. They are their own force that will drive their way into your skull and not let go. This is a band that could become huge in 2013, with all of the fire and skill needed to succeed in the modern scene Mechanical God Creation is a veritable tank of a band, one who is hard to forget and filled with a pvre death metal rage. 

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