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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Unlocking the Truth

Unlocking the Truth is a band made up of 3 6th grade boys from Brooklyn, and surprisingly, they are really tight! With solid song structures and rather technical riffs Unlocking the Truth would still be impressive if the band members were twice their current age. Not at all gimmicky, their live videos show that these kids try their best to put on a show and oftentimes they succeed with flying colors! In addition Malcom (Guitar) Jarad (Drums) and Alec (Bass) are really solid musicians, some of the solos and the drum fills show that these guys are practiced performers. A band that is powerful, passionate and filled with the flair that heavy metal deserves I honestly could see these kids going very far in the world of heavy metal. They've already played Times Square, I mean, how much bigger can you get? Their only issue now is to get more members to fill out their band. As is they have a solid sound and an unforgettable image that could easily swoop to the summit of modern heavy metal.

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Watch them on youtube too!


  1. Hey, this is Malcolm from Unlocking The Truth. I loved the review you gave us. Thanks so much. Don't worry. We will have new updates on YouTube soon. Our new songs are a little more metalcore. We are finding new things to do with our music. Thanks again and rock on \m/.

  2. no problem malcolm! its cool to see the young guys out there cracking skulls and getting heavy!

  3. Hi, this is Alec (bass player) the newest member of Unlocking The Truth. Thank you for a great review. We hope that we can inspire other kids to express themselves through music. Keep rocking to our music.

  4. thanks for your comment alec! you guys kick so much butt!

  5. Hello this is Jarad Dawkins the Lead(Drummer). thanks for the great review. We hope that we will admire people to our music and, make sure that are very free to do anything. Anyways thanks for the great review and, keep rocking to our music.