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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Circle of Unexisted

Crossroads cover art

Regular readers know that the genres of the bands I cover on this blog run the gamut from jazz to gore metal. Yet rarely do I get the opportunity to review a band that is mysterious and majestic as Circle of Unexisted. This drone act understand how to make crushingly heavy music with strange and otherworldly synth lines. These Russians seek to break your understanding of music and replace it with something much more surreal and magical. If you close your eyes and listen to this bands new album Crossroads, you feel yourself getting lost in a sort of secular haze,  you  gradually get pulled towards a metal nirvana. Songs like Lingravet show the songwriting ability of the band as well as some of the more technical aspects. I think a favorite part of this bands sound for me is the use of drums. They crash through the music and give it an earthly quality which directly opposes the ethereal reality of the rest of the sound. In conclusion Circle of Unexisted is a brilliant band who will rock your definition of metal and take you away on their massive waves of drone.

Check them out on Bandcamp!

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