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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Way of Purity-Equate

I must admit, the mystery surrounding The Way of Purity is incredibly interesting. Unnamed band members working for the Animal Liberation Front who play a subverted brand of melodic blackened death metal? What? Yet the Way of Purity are creating a new breed of music with a message. Clear and to the point Equate provides a strong sequel to their breakout 2010 release Crosscore. This is a band who is mysterious  and powerful yet their message and motivation is clear, unwilling to compromise they demand complete animal liberation.

The music on this album is a twisted mix of melodic death metal and black metal. The end result is something quite unique and very appealing. I love the way the riffs come together to form a powerful whole that is filled with the majesty of Immortal and the melodic magic of In Flames. The rhythm section is pretty tight and the bass can hold down quite a few intense lines. The vocals are split between black metal growls and  female cleans. The black metal shrieks dominate the vocal lines and give the band a solid black metal side while the cleans give it a powerful symph metal edge. Seeing as this band is wholly message oriented without even a nationality to call their own it makes sense that the lyrics are completely dedicated to the idea of animal liberation. Song titles like "Artwork of Nature" and "The Mighty Fall" give you a good idea of the anti-Anthropocentrist idealism of the band. 

In conclusion, this is a mighty record, one that might not be easy to digest but it is still well executed and noble. Personally I find it to be highly enjoyable and a solid metal release even without the Animal Liberation Fronts ideology behind it. Go for the throat and dedicated to an ideal Equate is a record that you have to respect even if you don't like it. Mysterious and brutal The Way of Purity's unique brand of blackened melodeath will ensnare you in its musical seductions and not let go.

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