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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Right to the Void-Kingdom of Vanity

Right to the Void is a sick techdeath band very much in the vein of Revocation. There music is mainly thrash with elements of jazz thrown in to add flavor. The riffs themselves are very technical and often add in lots of tasty rhythm attacks. With a powerful image and a great death metal attitude Right to the Void is a band seemingly destined to be huge. Capable of matching the virtuosic might of Revocation and the raw aggression of Suffocation Right to the Void is a demented death metal act who will drag you in and not let you out of their evil claws. Their debut release Kingdom of Vanity is filled with the promise of a new thrash metal band to crush skulls to and admire.

This band has an extremely powerful rhythm section which blares through the mix. Their are tons of tasty drum fills scattered throughout. In particular the song A Black Conclusion features some of the best drum work on Kingdom of Vanity. The bassist has a Tom Araya like rage that dominates both his bass playing and his vocal work.The growling style is varied yet still very tasty. I really like the alteration between high and low growls, it helps to add flavor to the record. Finally we have the guitar work, the highlight of the band. With ridiculously moshable riffs that have all of Revocations technicality no pvre death metaller will be let down.

In conclusion, Kingdom of Vanity is a magnificent record and one of my favorite of 2013 thus far. With varied and interesting parts that come together as a very unified effort that shines with potential. The songs tend to be fairly short and stay dynamic, thus maintaining the thrash metal energy throughout. A sincerely impressive effort that shows a mountain of hard work and dedication. This is a band that I could very well see exploding this year any fans of modern techdeath or even just death metal should check out this record and share it with their friends.

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