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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Humans Ep cover art

Roanoke is a sick hardcore band who use intelligent lyrics that could attract many a metalhead. They transcend the moshcore trend that seems to dominate most of the scene nowadays and instead play heavy music with bursts of punk insanity. In someways they might be described as a deathcore band. Their songwriting is very solid and while it does have mosh parts that is not the key focus of the music to me at least. I would like to re-emphasize the magic of the lyrics on this record. They are surprisingly inspirational and well thought out. One cool verse runs "We are the human disgusting race./Look around and open your eyes. /Life is pointless /No reason to be here! /But while were here, why not make the best of it?" To be completely honest this is far more intelligent than what I imagined the band would be when I first listened to their EP. In conclusion, Roanoke is vicious, biting and filled with a true hardcore hate. They know how to make heavy music in an intelligent way and are definitely worth checking out!

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