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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Corbeaux/Volte Face The Meeting Point

The world of post-rock is one that I rarely delve in to. Yet every time I go I become engrossed in beautiful songs that have a abstract ambient quality to them. It is music that is hard to define as it encompasses so many sounds. The Meeting Point furthers this notion with both The Who like anthemic parts and much more laid back bits that drive into your brain and fill you with a beautiful sense of peace. The songwriting is key here and the bands merge together perfectly on this comp, creating a beautiful and memorable piece of art.

For me, the best part of this album is the way it flows. Despite their being two groups they compliment  each other nicely and together craft an album that shows a lot of forethought. Musically this album is not flashy but definitely technical. The key difference between the two bands seems to be that Volte Face is much more ambient, they seem to use a lot more keys, whereas Corbeaux is a lot more accessible, they tend to use some more standard rock parts to add flavor to their compositions. It is a meeting of rock and electro and it actually goes over very well!

In conclusion, The Meeting Point truly is a meeting point of two subgenres of post-music. Rockers and DJs unite on this record for a wonderful transcendent experience that often defies words. The end result is something that seemingly everyone can enjoy. From metalheads too electro lovers this is an intelligent record with a widespread appeal. In conclusion, this is a record you need to pick up if you have love at all for instrumental music that combines rock, jazz, electro and more!

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