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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scythe Impalement

I have long held a deep appreciation for the Indian death metal scene. I have yet to come across an Indian band I don't like. Scythe Impalement seems to carry on the tradition of strong death metal from the region. Blackened death tones help to create a colossal and distinctly evil sound. Groovy and technical at the same time Scythe Impalement is ridiculously tasty. With a bit of something for every fan of extreme music Scythe Impalement are destroying boundaries and crushing skulls. Unsigned and proud of it this band shows the enduring power of blackened death metal as well as the Indian scene in general. Around since 2007 it seems like 2013 will be the year that Scythe Impalement finally gets the credit they deserve as Indian metal lords!

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