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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Oftentimes a gimmick band is just that, a gimmick. They release one or two alright songs and then they disappear. The point being that they're funny in their own way yet they have no depth. Sockweb seems to be here to upend that notion and prove that what seems to be a gimmicky band can in fact have a true grinding rage. Sockweb, an act formed by 25 year old Adam Young and his 7 year old daughter Joanie. Together they have created several hate filled grindcore tracks with an album in the works. Their music features sweet deathgrind guitar riffs (With a touch of that groovy magic) and vocals provided by father and daughter. While their debut track Pancakes is a bit silly their more recent releases like Werewolf show that this band can do a lot more than poke fun. In fact this is a driving band that will melt your head and show you the true meaning of grind. Check them out and prepare yourself for the ultimate rage of their debut album later this month!

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