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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Illuminate Me

Crawlspace EP cover art

Illuminate Me is a metalcore band in the true sense of the term. Their music is in fact a true to life fusion of metal and hardcore. The combination of metals technicality and hardcores anger creates a sound that shows that the genre could have been. The colossal riffs and heavy breakdowns are far from the posercore trash that dominates the modern metal market. Instead Illuminate Me lay down the riffs in a way that only the truly dedicated can, with a manic energy and ferocity that is hard to find in the modern metal scene. They seem to be directly in conflict with the musically light and friendly looking Hot Topic-core bands of today. With a lot of groove and a ton of heart Illuminate Me is a band that seeks to do metalcore the right way. They have the power to blast away many a mallcore poser and instead impose true metalcore on the scene.

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