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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tears of Requiem

Tears of Requiem are a nifty death metal band from my old stomping grounds of southeastern Pennsylvania. In their brief history they have taken the stage alongside giants like Volumes and Veil of Maya. Yet these guys are from a djent band. Instead they make a brand of super melodic death metal that resonates with the listener and never lets up its sickening attack. Clearly very much in the vein of Trivium-inspired melodeath Tears of Requiem is a tight act whose music is hooky and fun to listen too with a lot of technical parts and breakneck rhythms. Tasty and explosive this is a band that any melodeath fan will want to check out. Tears of Requiem know what they want to do and how they want to do it vaguely progressive and very gritty these guys could be the new American melodeath force!.

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  1. Nick Cleary, the guitarist is such a smart and talented young man. As are the rest of them! They all stand out as unique individuals with outstanding potential. Great group of guys to get along with! Love em'! Hope they keep up the good work.