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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Thousand Shall Fall-In the Shadow of the Mighty

A Thousand Shall Fall is a no frills death metal band who cut straight to the chase. Embodying the magic of true heavy metal and infusing it with a Suffocation like power A Thousand Shall Falls new EP In the Shadow of the Mighty is a destructive tribute to how great death metal still can be in the modern age. With riffs to bang your head too and quite a few brilliant mosh tracks A Thousand Shall Fall is a tight and electrifying band who will make your day. A great discovery for fans of At the Gates and other crazed melodeath acts A Thousand Shall Fall know how to make tight death metal.

The guitar work on this track has a hectic heavy metal might that is very impressive. In some ways the crazed playing reminds me of the landmark Slaughter the Soul album from At the Gates. I would also like to point out the absolutely stellar bass playing that soars across this album. Every track seems to have a bass fill and the bass heavy mix allows the band to reach new level of brutality. That is truly what makes A Thousand Shall Fall great and unique, their marvelous use of bass pushes them into a whole new realm of metal. All in all, this band is clearly made up of great musicians who flaunt excellent songwriting chops for an EP that is both short and endlessly entertaining.

Worth many a spin In the Shadow the Mighty is a very promising EP from a great up and coming act from Santa Cruz. Suffice to say, if they manage to bring their bass heavy sound too Europe I would be honored to see them live. They definitely have the ability and musical know how to take on the international stage. This is a great heavy metal EP that seems to transcend the various death metal subgenres and stands strong as an artistic statement all of its own. A wonderful little treasure and proof that its still possible to find magic unsigned death metal bands A Thousand Shall Fall seem ready to take over the world!

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