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Friday, March 29, 2013

Chaos-Violent Redemption, or The best thrash record you'll hear all year

I have previously lauded Chaos as Indian thrash metal gods they are a throwback to the old masters while simultaneously pushing the genre to new heights. They are talented songwriters who are ridiculously skilled musicians and who play some of the spiciest solos since the classic Reign in Blood. Their debut opus, Violent Redemption is a thrash metal masterwork that shows one of the genres most promising bands busting skulls and starting giant circle pits on 11 destructive tracks. This is an album with a beautiful aggression and the crushing might of a thousand elephants. Filled to the brim with all sorts of devastating riffs and thrash metal madness Violent Redemption is quite literally the best thrash metal record of 2013.

Rarely does a modern thrash band really get the raw anger of Slayer. While it's easy to just have the speed their is also a certain element of hatred that only the greatest acts have. On Violent Redemption Chaos manages to channel this hatred with an almost hardcore punk like anger. I'd also like to point out the simply masterful solos. Special highlights would include the solo on Game as well as the one on the Self Deliverance, a song which also features one of the best intro riffs that I have ever heard on a debut album. The simply destructive power on this record is impressive and I can not stop listening to it. In short, Chaos know how to make thrash metal right and they prove it on this record.

In short, though this record was eight years in the making it is still incredibly fresh and the most promising thrash metal debut that I have heard in years. The fact that they almost spent a decade perfecting their sound makes Violent Redemption even more profound. It is the ultimate statement from a group of up and coming metal masters. Something that I firmly believe anyone who is at all interested in the genre should check out Violent Redemption will melt your face and prove to you that thrash has yet to see its best days. Packed with incredible solos and dazzling riffs Chaos prove once and for all that they are the true heirs to Slayers thrash metal throne.

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