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Monday, March 4, 2013

All Fall Down

All Fall Down is a nifty prog act whose epic and twisted compositions combine a variety of genres for a final sound that is beautiful and mystical. Something that many a prog fan will delight in. Yet there is a much more widespread appeal than merely just prog fans. There are a lot of thrash and standard metal elements mixed in here, such that All Fall Down is in many ways an entry level prog band. Their sound is progressive enough that the prog snobs can enjoy it and the normal metalheads can also dig the tunes and start to get deeper into the genre. I think the defining aspect of the band is their mixing of cleans and growls and thus light and dark. The different vocal styles really control the atmosphere and help the music become more powerful and more grandiose in scale. In conclusion, this act shows a lot of promise and erstwhile prog fans will want to check them out!

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