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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Dvala is a doomy rock band in the vein of Black Sabbath or even Alice in Chains. Suffice to say, these Swedes know how to make doom. Their riffs have a crushing brutality to them even though they are usually not in the metal vein. They force your body into a twisted motion that is at once beautiful and unholy. Some of the riffs even remind me of Ghost. the detached vocal stylings further the resemblance to the band. Another band who Dvala is reminiscent of is Pentagram, they have the same distinctly occult feel to them. It gives the band a driving sense of evil that permeates the sound and makes it all the more listenable. The swedish lyrics have a beautiful aura to them and I love the flavor they add to the music. The song Vargtimmen especially shows off the vocal excellence of the band with a semi acapella passage near the beginning. In conclusion, heavy and doomy this rock band from Sweden will give any doomster a few great new songs to check out, other rockers should enjoy this band yet their sound may be to abstract for some.

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