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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Aphrodite's Baby-90

90 cover art

The French Mathcore scene is exploding in popularity. Aphrodite's Baby is just another great addition to the scene. They have a unique vibe of their own that no other band on the scene quite captures. With a fun rock and roll groove that nicely accents the mathcore madness of the rhythm mashing 90 shows Aphrodite's Baby to be a promising and destructive mathcore band. Noting this, it seems evident that they have well deserved the excellent guests on their latest record. Stellar musicianship and interesting songwriting come together to make 90 one of the better French Mathcore records of 2013.

The guitar work on this record has simply colossal amount of groove. What makes it truly notable though is the way that it nicely implements this into bizarre beats and ridiculous rhythm bashings. The end result is somewhat similar to groovy Dillinger Escape Plan or even Nostromo. They allow the band to flaunt their technical talents and marvelous drumming. Meanwhile, some of the more aggressive, almost grinding passages, remind me quite a bit of Converge's music. They have the same destructive aura and technical breakdowns. I'd also like to point out that this album has a lot of really cool guests. In particular members from Deep in Hate and Bukowski get their own chances to shine on 90.

In conclusion, 90 is a fun and relevant record that shows the might of the French Mathcore scene. Aphrodite's Baby are an excellent addition to one of the most interesting scenes in modern metal. With chunky and interesting rhythms Aphrodite's baby draw you into their twisting sound and don't let you escape.  With great songwriting and a rock and roll attitude that fully permeates the record 90 allows Aphrodite's Baby to flaunt their own brand of Mathcore n' Roll. A potential packed piece I can not wait to see what happens when Aphrodite's Baby puts out an LP. And considering they live in Paris, maybe I can see them live soon!

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