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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All Are None

all are none

The ex-guitarist of Fell On Black Days and The Nocturnal Abyss has a new solo project called All Are None. A powerful melodic death metal project very much reminiscent of In Flames or Scar Symmetry All Are None is a great guitar centric melodeath release. With soaring solos and epic lead lines the projects founder Mark Tranter. While most of the songs are still in demo mode or just rough mixes they show a lot of potential and make me excited for a full album release. A delicious and destructive project All Are None show an excellent guitarist flaunting his artistic freedom. The hard riffing on songs like Wonder to Behold reveal a marvelous fusion between brutal death metal and melodeath. Something that can be enjoyed both for its melodic qualities and also moshed too All Are None is a diverse and majestic band. With wonderfully written songs and powerful riffs All Are None are an extremely tasty project that all fans of the Gothenburg bands would enjoy.

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