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Friday, March 22, 2013



Atemus is a band with an extremely varied sound that belies a great technical talent on the part of its members. With heavy riffs and a nice mix of growls and dirty hard rock vocals Atemus is a destructive metal force. The solid songwriting allows the band to keep their sound ever moving forward and their song Psychotic Silence is packed with potential. As a whole Atemus is band made of destructive and headbanging power. Successfully fusing a lot of styles it's especially impressive that the band can get a sound as unified as theirs given their below average production. Yet Atemus show a lot of promise and the musicians involved are clearly very talented. So I encourage you to check them out. Atemus could very soon be destroying a metal venue near you. They certainly have the talent, now with just a bit better production they may be able to start to become huge on the scene!

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