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Friday, March 22, 2013


Warcrab - Warcrab

Doomy and destructive sludge metal is hard to come by in this day and age. The destructive might that a lot of these bands have is something that is simply not easy to emulate. That's why when a band like WarCrab comes along that know how to make brutal music that is overall fairly slow it's impressive. The excellent songwriting allows slower riffs to pump themselves up into something magic and destructive like on the premier track Wither. In short, WarCrab shows that one of my favorite death metal subgenres still has a lot of life in it.

The devastating riffs on songs like Spherical Acid World show a wonderful and unholy marriage of the slowed down and chunky riffs of Crowbar mixed with the incredible blasting power of Meshuggah. Yet it all flows nicely due to very logical and well executed songwriting. The tracks stay interesting well after the 5 minute mark and the variety of parts makes the music feel epic and layered. Their is a proggy element too that can not be discounted. In some ways the sum total of the sound reminds me of Crowbar or even Disbelief.

In conclusion, WarCrab are a wonderful band who make a great contribution to an oft ignored genre. Yet this is not an album that is too inaccessible for most metalheads, instead with WarCrab they have created a back to the basics and raw slab of heavy metal. Something that forces your body into a twisted and satanic metal motion WarCrab know how to pump out some of the most dynamic and interesting death metal on the modern scene. People of Devon rejoice, one of death metals great hopes comes from your county and they are ready to explode heads in a venue near you!

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