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Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Heartless

Baby Heartless is a fun and groovy sleaze rock band from Bergen Norway. What is especially about this band is that while it is glam it does not try to revive the genre as bands like Steel Panther do. On some level Baby Heartless represent a progression beyond glam standards, an idea I find to be very interesting. Baby Heartless are not trying to relive the glory days of Motley Crue or Warrant, instead they are creating a logical progression on a sound that dominated the airwaves 25 years ago. With a unique sound all of their own Baby Heartless have a lot of potential. I'd also like to point out how cool it is that a band like this is coming from a place like Norway, a country more traditionally known for its kvlt black metal scene. Suffice to say, Baby Heartless's new single Midnight Crush is magnificent simply because it shows that their is a way forward for glam in the modern era. A band that seeks to breathe new life into a genre once thought long dead it will be very interesting to see where Baby Heartless take their sound in the future!

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