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Friday, March 22, 2013

Inside Project-Alone Facing Death

I review a lot of god bands on this site, but rarely one who has the capacity to be legendary. For a long time they have been one of my favorite bands on the French scene, recently they sent me their debut EP Alone Facing Death to review. Inside Project is one of those bands. With a full steam ahead thrashy hardcore sound Inside Project are masters of their genre. With destructive riffs that will leave you lying prone to the might of their destructive hardcore sound Alone Facing Death is a magic EP that showed the potential Inside Project had early on.

The devastating power of Inside Projects raw and unholy sound pushes their music to ever new level. Forced forward by the shrieked vocals of the bands dynamic lead singer Manu Alone Facing Death never loses its manic hardcore energy. Hatred is the dominant emotion on this EP and songs like "I have a Dream", which boasts a chorus of "I hate you's", allows the demonic riffs to shine. Never have I heard an album so wonderfully dominated by hate. It gives the music an incredible fire that you know will never fade away but only become stronger under duress.

In conclusion, Inside Project are quite possibly the most promising hardcore band on the French scene. Alone Facing Death was the debut that proved the enduring power of one of my favorite unsigned acts. They prove that their is a little more to be had from the awesome French hardcore scene. These Montbeliard natives threaten to talk over the world with their go for the throat and head exploding hardcore. A band that will never die, Inside Project made a spectacular introduction to the world of hardcore for themselves with Alone Facing Death.

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