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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Clurichaun-House of Cards

Clurichaun is a tasty prog metal band whose new debut album House of Cards is a fabulous chunk of prog that combines a variety of genres and comes together to create a coherent and beautiful whole.  40 minutes of prog madness make up this record and they are well worth listening to. The compositions are epic and they bring to mind prog greats like Dream Theater or even Haken, yet they have a grittier aspect that is very much their own. With epic bass parts, magnificent guitar melodies and a lot of abstract drumming this record blasts into your head and does not leave.

Most modern prog acts fail to have any sort of thrash or punk influence. Yet Clurichaun seems to revel in it. With standard prog parts right next to thrash metal riffs Clurichaun always leaves you guessing. Yet it flows in such a way that the album does not seem muddled, instead it shows the expertise of the musicians. Few modern metal composers could create music that is as varied yet coherent as that found on House of Cards. I have to say, that in just a few spins this swirling and bizarre sound has pulled me in and made me fall in love with Clurichaun.

In sum, House of Cards combines many different genres of music, yet it all blends together in the end for a record that is logical and has its own kind of beauty. With a bit of something for everyone House of Cards proves the musical excellence of the members of Clurichaun. It ups the genre to a new level and dares other bands to come forth and challenge their hyper technical and varied sound. So, fans of prog rejoice, their is a new band in town and it truly is one for the scene to rally around and worship!

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